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♫ #Music Monday Playlist 1823

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Lee Krasner  “Three in Two”

Happy Summer!

I am very grateful to be posting again as I am in my 2nd full week, today post heart surgery. I have posted more about it on my Instagram if you want to read a little about it all.

Overall though, almost a 360 degree change in my mind with how confident and peaceful I feel being on the healing side post procedure. ( Which was a Catheter Ablation for SVT, AVNRT ) Supraventricular Tachycardia, that I was diagnosed with in May after two trips to the ER. Something that I was born unknowingly with and has come out most likely due to stress, but so very grateful for how quickly I was able to get it taken care of and for having such an amazing Dr to help me through this entire process.

I look forward to creating again and getting back into my studio and sharing it all with you here.