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Hello everyone! I finally made the jump to combine my shop with my blog. I am beyond thrilled to now have a home for all of my passions, creations and updates and a place for you to also be able to shop my artwork easier. I will not be transferring my archived posts from the old site, but will leave a link on my sidebar if you want to look over my archives throughout the last decade at anytime.

You will be able to shop fine art prints, my photography and originals, (more coming soon )  along with keeping up to date on my projects, new work, music, inspirations and interests on my blog. I've also added a daily inspiration tab at the top that combines all of my social network activity. And don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter where you will to be the first to know about sales, and updates.

With this new updated leighviner.com I will be growing with the site, so be sure to check back often for new product options, new work and ways to explore as I embark on this new adventure as well. 

Thank you again, over and over for so many years of your support and love.