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Bloom 1218

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© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Paper, prints available  here.

© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Paper, prints available here.

Part of my ongoing Bloom series, this is the last piece I created in 2018. A bittersweet creation as it was created shortly after a very difficult month. More about that in this post.

Art is by far, one of the most therapeutic ways for me to express myself, so I know during this difficult time, I will continue to create, but this new year, I hope to give myself more patience with my art.

I look forward to what it will bring and cannot thank you all enough for continuing this journey with me over the years. xo

Single Eye Series

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SingleEye Series01LeighVInerM18.jpg
SingleEye Series02LeighVInerM18.jpg
SingleEye Series03LeighVInerM18.jpg
SingleEye Series04LeighVInerM18.jpg
SingleEye Series05LeighVInerM18.jpg
SingleEye Series06LeighVInerM18.jpg

I always start all of my portraits with the eye, the most expressive and detailed part of my portrait work.

Upon sharing these on Instagram I was getting quite a few DM’s asking if there were for sale, and after a few private sales, I’ve decided to make them a series and sell them in the shop. There are 6 available for now, but am sure to add to the series between other projects.

I also will be posting my annual Holiday sale shortly, so keep an eye out for that at the top of my website announcement bar.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone here in the States. xo

Bloom 0928

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© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas

© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Canvas

Hello everyone, happy weekend! A long productive week in the studio. Mostly abstract pieces for a few private clients and finalizing up this one for the shop Which is part of my Bloom series. Thank you for all of the sweet messages complimenting this series on my Instagram, going to be making more in the near future, some will also be available as prints, this particular one will not be reproduced.