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Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Happy Monday everyone.

Snowing again this morning which makes office inside tasks easier as I want to avoid going outside unless I absolutely have to.

This week also I’m going to push myself to get back to more of my creative time as it is so needed. Its been harder then I thought with everything going on and adjusting to my Mom not being here. I used to call her almost daily and we would discuss all of those little things and what we were both up to for the day. With that now not possible anymore I’ve turned to my journal more to try to help balance and understand and learn new ways to adjust my day to day without her voice, guidance and conversations. ugh! I will continue to talk to her, but through my heart and on paper. I’m just so very grateful for the time I had and the strength she had taught me over the years. Jetaime Mom, Always.

Bloom 1218

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© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Paper, prints available  here.

© Leigh Viner 2018 Mixed Media on Paper, prints available here.

Part of my ongoing Bloom series, this is the last piece I created in 2018. A bittersweet creation as it was created shortly after a very difficult month. More about that in this post.

Art is by far, one of the most therapeutic ways for me to express myself, so I know during this difficult time, I will continue to create, but this new year, I hope to give myself more patience with my art.

I look forward to what it will bring and cannot thank you all enough for continuing this journey with me over the years. xo